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ProWills Franchise for Financial Advisers



Get documents drafted, signed, and executed in the most comprehensive manner – our cumulative experience of 30 years ensures that your client’s needs are being met to the fullest while you get compensated for the work done. You’ll also benefit from the training we provide! Join us by subscribing as a franchise to receive our full range of perks.

Our Objective

Serving advisers’ genuine need for incorporating legal aspects to their financial planning work while remaining a key adviser to their clients.

How We Support You
1. Direct access to our innovative online portal for easy generation of clients’ wills.
2. Direct access to our network of legal professionals and other related estate planning
3. Be legitimately compensated for the legal work done for your clients.
4. Training by our experienced will specialist and users of the system.
5. Monthly accounting statements for record keeping.
6. On-going enhancements to serve your clients better.
7. Will specialist / lawyers present to witness and explain wills to your clients.
8. One-time free personal will.

Join our Platform today

For more information, email us at services@prowills.sg

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Are you married, single, living out your retirement? Tell us! We’re here to cater to your hopes, goals, and dreams.