Frequently Asked Questions

Answer all your questions about Highlife, Box of Wishes and estate planning.
  • What is estate planning?

    Estate Planning is a holistic process where estate planners can better understand your hopes, goals and dreams for the future. Encompassing all that is your financial assets – from bank accounts to insurance policies and mutual funds, Highlife helps you plan and  consolidate your life intentions into a portfolio (Box Of Wishes) specially for you. 

    Our one-on-one consultations with you will then help us plan out your hopes, goals and dreams for both the near future, and for after you’re gone.

  • Is estate planning creating a will?

    While a will can be a part of estate planning, estate planning isn’t just creating a will. 

    A will helps you distribute your estate after your death, and estate planning with Highlife is more than just creating your will. It’s a one-stop service for you and your family – for the present and the future.

  • Do I need estate planning?

    Anyone who wishes to plan for their future can engage in our estate planning services. If you relate to these profiles, drop us a message for a one-on-one consultation!


    The Independent, Happy, Contented Executive. 

    Busy But Comfy Couple. 

    The C Level Single Male. 

    The High Flyer Single Female. 

    Couple With Dependent Children.

    The Empty Nesters.

  • How is Highlife’s estate planning a one-stop service?

    Highlife’s services include planning, carrying out, and consolidating all your hopes and dreams in one space. That way, when you or your family need to access your wishes, they’ll be able to do so easily.

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