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Being in your 50s to 60s, you would describe yourself as a confident, career-focused individual who’s reaped the benefits of his hard work. Having lived most of your life certain of your decisions, the lack of clarity that you may face about your future concerns you, and you want to ensure you are safe to retire as well as support your parents and loved ones.

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What Problems Do You Face?

Let us help you identify some of the common issues people of your age group face.

Uncertainty In The Future

Retirement and ageing are on the horizon, and you may not be sure how to handle them. Worries like, retiring with ease, creating a will to your assets go to the right people, and reaping the full benefits of the policies you’ve invested in may be on your mind right now.

Clarity In Decision-Making

At this point in life, you’ve settled with a quiet life for yourself. You have a house, perhaps a car, and several policies, plans and assets to help you along. However, you may not be certain that they’re the right ones. Will they help you later in life? Will you be able to reap the benefits that you sow by proceeding with these policies?

The Best For You & Your Loved Ones

Whether they’re your parents, siblings, or close loved ones, your dependents are your main source of worry. Wanting the best for your loved ones is natural, but you may be unsure of how to help them without sacrificing too much of yourself in the long run.

How Can We Help

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Creating a Will

Creating a will is an important step to ensuring that all your wishes are granted when your time comes. Fortunately, Highlife’s funnel-based estate planning services will help you create a will by organising, consolidating, and carrying out all your hopes, goals, and dreams.


Gain Clarity

Our trusted advisors are trained to help you organise, plan, and consolidate all your worries and wishes. By providing you with all the information you need about your assets and finances, you’ll be able to gain a clearer picture of how to proceed with your life decisions.



Imagine being able to plan, carry out and collate all your hopes, goals and dreams in a box. From your will and financial assets to your belongings — everything in one place. That way, when the time comes, your loved ones, or your special causes of choice, can unwrap all that you’ve left behind, and keep, use, and cherish all your heart work.

Our Unique Mechanism

Our unique Funnel-Based Estate Planning System and connections with trusted individuals in the industry helps achieve this while ensuring the continuity of our client’s wishes long after they’ve journeyed on.

Box of Wishes

When one box closes, another opens. Find out why Box of Wishes is everything you need to ensure your loved ones are looked after even after you’ve journeyed on.

Tell us about yourself

Are you married, single, living out your retirement? Tell us! We’re here to cater to your hopes, goals, and dreams.