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If you’re in your 50s to 60s, and would describe yourself as career-focused go-getter, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your future.

A peaceful, worry-free retirement is the goal, but you know that it isn’t all that simple. Plus, you may have family who depend on you and you wouldn’t want to let them down by making bad decisions. You’re also a firm believer in planning ahead and coming up with straightforward solutions. Afterall, don’t you hate it when people overcomplicate things?

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What Problems Do You Face?

Let us help you identify some of the common issues people of your age group face.

A Worry-Free Retirement

At this point in your life, chances are, you’re looking for a way to peacefully retire without worrying about your quality of life. Will you be able to sustain yourself without working? When will you be able to access all your assets?

Security In All That You Do

Choosing a financial plan is not as easy as many make it out to be. Worries like, ‘what if the plan does not show the returns it initially promised? What if it does not line up with your goals?’ may relate to you.

Supporting your family

As a single executive, it may come down to you to support your parents, especially if your siblings have families of their own. You might wonder, how do you resolve the issues that come with supporting yourself as well as your parents? Especially if they (or you), fall ill?

A Personal Touch

Handling it all is easy – it’s the connection that’s hard to find. An advisor who simply gets you, understands the issues you’re facing, and solves it for you does not always come by easily.

Here’s how Highlife Advisory can help.

We provide simple yet effective solutions to all of life’s occasionally complicated needs, so you can rest assured that we’ll handle things exactly the way you want. Get in touch with us to find out more about our Estate Planning services.


Gain Clarity.

Our trusted advisors are trained to help you organise, plan, and consolidate all your worries and wishes. By providing you with all the information you need about your assets and finances, you’ll be able to gain a clearer picture of how to proceed with your life decisions.


Solutions Curated To You.

Conversations can be powerful tools. After a consultation, our advisors will ensure that all your concerns are addressed in a timely and personal manner.


A Trustworthy Advisor.

Having the right person by your side is almost as important as the solutions that come with them. You need someone you can trust, who’ll be honest and sincere, and have your back no matter what crops up. Fortunately, Highlife’s advisors are trained to handle your hopes, goals, and dreams with sincerity and clarity. That way, you know where and when to put your best foot forward.

Our Unique Mechanism

Our unique Funnel-Based Estate Planning System and connections with trusted individuals in the industry helps achieve this while ensuring the continuity of our client’s wishes long after they’ve journeyed on.

Box of Wishes

When one box closes, another opens. Find out why Box of Wishes is everything you need to ensure your loved ones are looked after even after you’ve journeyed on.

Tell us about yourself

Are you married, single, living out your retirement? Tell us! We’re here to cater to your hopes, goals, and dreams.