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Jean, our Relationship Manager, joined Highlife Advisory in 2020. She is an Associate Estate Planning Practitioner and has obtained her AEPP® certification to better assist her clients from all walks of lives to achieve their hopes, goals and dreams through building their estate plans with our unique – Highlife Funnel-Based Estate Planning System.

Jean has a passion to be the voice for the voiceless and prior to her joining the financial industry, she acquired her professional Bachelor Degree with Edith Cowan University, Australia (Double Major in Applied Counselling and Welfare and Social Work) in Year 2010.

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She has worked as a professional counsellor for 7 years in the social services industry, partnering schools, churches and family services centers to counsel children, family and adults from all walks of lives, assisting parents with special-needs children, as well as single mothers. She has also homeschooled her two children, and during this journey while serving in church, she has encountered many clients with marital issues due to finances and also an 6 year-old child who had lost both parents due to a common disaster. As both parents passed away in a common disaster without writing a Will and appointing legal guardian, financial complications and constraints are further added on to the extended families. After encountering all these stories, this has further convicted Jean to joined Highlife Advisory in 2020, an advisory firm specializing in Estate Planning. She views her decision to join Highlife as furthering her commitment to help more individuals from all walks of lives, even the mass affluents, to create a more harmonious assets/estates distribution through Highlife’s unique mechanism – the Box of Wishes®.

Jean’s background in social work and counselling has enabled her to recognize that there is a crucial need for more people, regardless of wealth or status, to be aware of estate planning and also the importance of harmonious assets/estates distribution and planning to minimize complications. With better advocacy of financial education and financial/estate planning, family conflicts can be minimized, marriages and relationships can be better enhanced, worst-case scenarios can be prevented by ensuring loved ones are well taken care of in their best interests.

Jean is also a wife and a mother to two beautiful children. With the flexibility of this career to plan her own working hours, she enjoys this purposeful career, to be able to advocate and share what is important and essential, doing more preventive work and with estate planning to better assist clients with their practical needs, with her counselling experiences to enhance the estate planning process, to ensure all gaps are well taken care of.

During her free time, Jean enjoys hiking and long walks. She appreciates little things in life, the beautiful air and sceneries, are every-day thing that we should not take for granted for.

Through meticulous planning and clear vision, Jean aims to deliver financial confidence and peace of mind to all, thus helping every individual to realise their hopes, goals and dreams in their own lives, but also for their next and next generations to come.

what her client say

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Fabian is meticulous and displays exceptionally high standards of ethics and professional knowledge. His passion for volunteerism and philanthropy speaks volumes about his character and heart to serve others.

Chen Lianghe, Civil Servant, Stat Board


Trustworthiness and sincerity are important qualities in financial consultants, and Fabian possesses these qualities. He is genuinely helpful, and has provided me with exceptional advice for all my concerns

Dr. Sebrina Abdul Malik, Dentist, Azure Dental


Fabian has exceeded my expectations. While providing me with advice, Fabian would put himself in my position to understand the pros and cons of any given situation. His professionalism and sincerity has gained not only my trust, but my family’s as well

Mohammed Ibrahim, Senior Police Officer, Singapore Police Force

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